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ADSL telcos and exchange line length

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

ADSL telcos all require a phone line and if one ADSL telco is saying no, then you shouldn’t go with any of them as it all comes down the same pipe or copper from your local exchange…. My humble recommendation would be go wireless if any of the ADSL telcos say no. Some parts of towns have better copper and are connected closer to the phone exchange in your area, if you’re wondering why? Then you’re looking at power loss of frequencies down a copper line.

dslreports has done a break down of this here

but if your looking for actual Irish  data here is the best I could find.

here’s is Eircom talking about it below, you can’t really beat physics no matter how hard you try!


or if you want to help map what ADSL is in the area

Are Mobile phone companys going to go bust?

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

I ‘ve been thinking for a while about smart phones, and maybe that the smart phone may kill the mobile phone company, how could this be ?….. well if you look at the way “Whats up” the messaging platform has taken off (below)

It seems that people are starting to see that  you can message, and talk to people with out a mobile signal, and just a wifi signal, by using skype and whats up and viper. So where is this going, well if people can message each other with out the need for a mobile network, then why does one need a mobile network? I wonder what will happen when mesh networks start to become more widly avaibale on handsets, This is already starting on the Android platform with projects such as below

The Serval Mesh

There could be interesting times in the mobile networks, as we have near 100% moible phone penetration in some markets.

Google Glass

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

The Reg is reporting that Google Glass is on the way but it looks like its going to be like the early androd protypes first, the tech specks are listed here, and if you want to go programming it and see how it works have a look here

Ease of Repair

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Ifix it, has done a “ease of repair” analysis on the various tablets out there, it makes for some interesting reading, especially if you enjoy cracking a screen, it looks like, the ages of throw away computers could be upon us!

Details below

We got to make the tubes bigger

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Ireland’s great broadband project, to empower the poor misfortunates out in the “sticks” that’s country to you or me, Is happening again, with another minister for communications present.It provides a great photo op for some nice people in the leafy suburbs of Dublin to give their country cousins cake, in this case let them eat 30Mbs.

So how are we going to eat 30Mbs? Or more to the point how are we going to make the 30Mbs cake:

we we could use:

LTE (telecommunication)

LTE Advanced – the successor to LTE

WiMAX – a competitor to LTE

HSPA+ -an enhancement of the 3GPP HSPA standard


and that’s just the wireless options

Or we could just learn from the South Koreans where they have a rate of over 17Mbs and have been at the top of the broadband charts for years, you should think about that when you connection fails or that movie that your are trying to download slows to a snails pace. So what do the Koreans use to make there broadband fast? well they use VDSL (, it runs over standard copper lines.

On the wireless side we should be also looking to Korea cause they have 100% wireless broadband in the country also (

So why bother,well it seems to be a case of get with it or get out of it, looking at how Korea uses its technology in education, could be a simple justification for using broadband getting us to these high levels of Internet speeds, for example south Korea are moving away from paper based exams to electronic based exams, Sick children do not miss out on class, cause they can watch their teacher from their bed using IP TV (

But back to Ireland, so how are we going to do it, well if  you look at table 2 on the national broadband plan (, you can see DSL flat lining after 2010, so it looks like nothing has happend there, and mobile has grown in a big way up to about 600k on a par with DSL at about 800k, so it looks like we’re going to have to go 50% wireless 50% fixed line…..but we want speed, and the only way to get speed is with Fibre, accross the pond Google are showing us the way with their Fibre role out in Kansas I think there may be a lesson here, Google haven’t used wireless, they are using Fiber, and the simple reason is that it’s faster, less complicated, and standardised, after all is been with us since 1966, so maybe it might be time to replace the phone cables throught out the country with optical cables!



Even with Rabbits Ears mobile-phone phone reception may not be possible in rural Ireland in the future.

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Looking in Mondays (18/6/2012) examiner (Irish Examiner–send-the-right-signal-197733.html ) it seems that we may be seeing the start of a worrying trend.

ComReg our beloved communications regulator has failed to notice, that people do live in rural Ireland and not just in cities. The fact that some of our mobile phone licensing structures seem to now be wrote to allow operaters cover only 70% of the country.

It makes me think about how Marconi tested his wireless system in Clifden in 1907 and was able to receive signals all the way from America, but it seems with our communications regulator, the poor people in Clidften and other rural parts of Ireland may not be able to receive signals from some of our mobile-phone operators, if the mobile-phone operators invest in a 70% coverage license.

Even with if the “Rabbits ears” ( firmly tuned in, Reception will be impossible in rural Ireland if you live in the 30% of Ireland with out the opportunity to receive the mobile-phone signals, apparently in Dublin South West the signal will be picked up, as it is in the 70%. however. We do have three Mobile-phone operators that have 100% licenses, but is this the start of a slippery slope? Do Rural people need the market in Ireland distorted this way, so that if they are lucky they may only have one provider, if they have reception, and I’m sure people could find plenty of spots in Ireland where there is no mobile-phone reception currently.

I’m not the only “Crazy person” out there if your interested you might be worth having a read of where they show a map of Ireland with 70% population coverage.

up comming phones of 2012

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Before buying this new shiny phone, read this! All those industry execs have been in Barcelona at theMobile World Congress 2012 where they have been chatting about new phones, some of those industry execs have even been launching new phones, so before you go rushing off to buy a phone have a look at whats coming, before you shift your hard cash to one of those industry exec types!

So whats coming

well Samsung have a projector phone coming out.

Huawei have a tablet called a MediaPad 10 coming out, so it going the tablet market very cheap.

Huawei have also addressed the elephant in the room with Androids having poor battery life with a phone that may give 3 days of a charge

Sony’s has divorce’s its self from Ericsson and is looking to show its new branded models


It seems to be all android OS phones at the moment that are showing up …. at the moment


The regulator for communications in America (FCC) is looking that all phones will have GPS in them.

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

In America the FCC (the regulator for communications) is looking that all phones will have GPS in them, so that the 999 or 112 emergency call will also send out GPS data also, so that in an emergency The emergency response people can track where you are. While privacy advocats will be up in arms about this, I think this is a good thing for people living in remote areas, but could we do this already, Shouldn’t the phone companies get together with there triangulation data, and add it to there networks so that when a Emergency  call is made, the system will pull in the triangulation data, I know that it may be patchy, were you have only one mast receiving the signal, but a lot of areas are now served by two or more masts. So maybe a bit of inovation is required here, hopefully the rest of the world will follow.

More on:

HP getting out of the Tablet game

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Looks like HP dipped their to in the water and didn’t like what they saw, going up against Apple and Android (Google) is not a good starting point even if you did buy Palm. It’s a pitty it would have been good for the industry. It’s a bit like OS2 an old operating system on the PC. It tried and failed, it seems the smart phone business is all to similar to the PC business 30 years ago. We’re going to have two main players, One dominant and one not so dominant, and the one will the open architecture will win, Android has the open architecture, so my money is on this at the moment, but I think the patent wars that are stating could put a stop to Androids development.

Sligo I.T. wins Imagine Cup

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Team Hermes from sligo Ireland took home top honors in the Software Design competition.

The team designed a device that plugs into a car and monitors dangerous driving behavior and road conditions, providing instant feedback to both the driver and the car owner. The team’s solution uses embedded technology, Windows Phone 7, Bing Maps and the Windows Azure cloud computing platform to change driving habits and reduce road deaths.

The team’s face book page is here!
Read more from their local paper here.