up comming phones of 2012

Before buying this new shiny phone, read this! All those industry execs have been in Barcelona at theMobile World Congress 2012 where they have been chatting about new phones, some of those industry execs have even been launching new phones, so before you go rushing off to buy a phone have a look at whats coming, before you shift your hard cash to one of those industry exec types!

So whats coming

well Samsung have a projector phone coming out.

Huawei have a tablet called a MediaPad 10 coming out, so it going the tablet market very cheap.

Huawei have also addressed the elephant in the room with Androids having poor battery life with a phone that may give 3 days of a charge

Sony’s has divorce’s its self from Ericsson and is looking to show its new branded models


It seems to be all android OS phones at the moment that are showing up …. at the moment


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