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Iphone v4 leaked and privacy

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Spare a taught for a poor a poor developer, he allegedly let the Iphone v4 on a stool in a bar in appleville. Now he’s been facebooked, googled and flickered, and any public data that is on him is now circulating the world wide web. I have some major concerns about facebook and those fears seem to be coming home to roost….. Heaven for bit that he might have been mistakenly identified.  it looks like trial and jury on the Internet.

Gizmodo have it  covered here

Iphone Discovers multi tasking…… and text on a page! (aka a book)

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Well Iphone is now on its 4th generation OS and its finally found multi tasking, If I remember rightly the android had this and some of the nokia’s also…. so could it be that apple is now chasing the market. It remindes me of the war that was between apple and the microsoft back in the 80’s seems like somethings never change!

And wait for it there’s going to be e-books, that is text on a page, I remember we were doing that too in the 80’s and even the phones at the start of the 00’s could do that too! intresting one! Could this be Steve’ie J. repackaging books!!!

The PR blrb is below !