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LVM and USB drives

Monday, May 14th, 2012

I was in a computer store in San Francisco last week and a guy that ran an Architecture shop was in there trying to buy a NAS drive system, the poor guy never heard about LVM partitioning, so the sales man as per usual was just sealing the deal, but not giving him the full picture, I suppose being a sales man he was trying to have the “Quick sale” and not worry about the long term implications about selling such devices, and the best way to configure these devices. So as the sale was being made, I had a look at the box, and said to the guy to make sure to put LVM partitions on there, he and the sales man turned around a looked at me blank and said “whats LVM”, so I dindn’t want to get in to a explnation in to LVM, but I said google it, but I also said I give him a few links, so here they are below. So why is LVM so handy, Well picture the situation, you have disk that is full, or filling up and you need to make it bigger or worse you have a system that is configured to work with that disk set up an having to change the set up is going to be a serious problem, in terms of downtime and confiuration, I you use LVM partitions when setting up the disk in the first place you can add a disk to the filling up disk and make it look like on big disk that is really comprised off two or more physical disks.