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oopsies……. we sold ya an I not a phone

Monday, June 28th, 2010

So I hope everyone has rushed out and bought an Iphone v4, looks like its only an “I” and not much of a “phone”, Well Thankfully Ireland, the land of innovation and “knowledge economy” that it is, has been spared the pain of the Iphone v4. well the early adopters have got burned, but what’s new, early adopters always get burned, that’s the price of innovation, Looks like when the Iphone was leaked and found in a bar, that Steve must have cancelled testing outside the lab. so it looks like Apple missed the testing in Europe part, and now the Iphone is not a Phone. Remembering my high school physics, I remember that the body was a good conductor, and If I remember from the little bit of radio tech that I know about, that a Grounded antenna isn’t much of an antenna, Well it looks like function was overlooked in this case. It looks like anyone waiting to buy the iphone v4 better wait till Iphone v4.1 cause its a hardware upgrade.

The SSDs are comming

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Well Samsung has just released some new 512GB ssd (solid state drives), Looks like the Tech for SSD’s  is getting there, even though people are going to get burned by the pain and price of early adoption, No OS or normal user needs over 256 GB at the moment, and is now a good idea to get in on the market for one of these 256GB drives? As the vendors Inventory’s of the 512GB drives start to fill the shelves! I’m Starting to think about buying one. one note of caution we haven’t seen SSD’s for the long term ( 2 to 5 years) so should you run them in a raid array with a normal disk, but doing that would defeat the point of getting a SSD, or maybe is time for a Shut-down sequence, that will copy the data across to a normal hard drive.

Phoning the cloud

Monday, June 14th, 2010

So all this stuff is now in the cloud, its great, everything is great, the cloud service are managing your life, as in e-mail, calender, docs, The whole kit and caboodle. Then ………(cue the horror music) ….. “your account has been blocked” …. so that’s not a biggie, I’ll just e-mail the cloud, “please Mr. Cloud can I have my account back… I have been good” but the cloud doesn’t respond or is responds with “I’m sorry you have been banned from the cloud”. So you e-mail the cloud again and beg for your e-mail etc. back, But the cloud refuses. So you need to escalate the problem, now you’ve sent a few e-mail but that’s not getting anywhere, so you need some human interaction, so that your needs are listened to.

That’s when you try phoning the cloud for tech support, unfortunately the cloud doesn’t have a phone number listed on the site, so time to get out the phone book and check if the phone number is there for cloud tech support, so no apparently not, no phone book entry for cloud computing industries. So where am I left now, I only have e-mail, and there ignoring that, so what do I do now. Well in my case I phoned the PR department, as that’s the one place that they will pick up the phone, and guess what they picked it up, but they said that they could not help.

So the moral of the story is, don’t ring the cloud, if your looking for support. and backup up everything off line. so when it rains in the cloud it doesn’t affect you!

Google nexus one as mini destop

Friday, June 4th, 2010

The Google phone platform Android seems to be winning over the IPhone in terms of functionality. the open source part of this, is starting to show some real befits, like in the video below. Where the nexus one, with the 2.2 version of the OS, has seen a nice hack from Sven Killing, turning the phone in to a mini pc, which is what the phone is pretty close to anyway. I don’t ever think you will get this functionality on the IPhone, as its so closed source. People only can do this on the open platforms. The Video is below.

Google says bye bye M$

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Google are phasing out windows use, as in Microsoft on there desktops according to, I wonder are we starting to see a change in tech here. I’m starting to think that this may be the first of many such events, or could it be another shot in the war between Google and Microsoft! Microsoft do have there security problems, but so do other systems, and note that this is coming form a person that is not a Microsoft lover. Microsoft is getting killed by legacy, and it might be the time to start to look at Linux as a real alternative. I write this on a Ubuntu box, which does me fine, in the real world. At lease the code is open to the world to see what is going on, so there is more of a chance of some one seeing holes in the code, rather than just a company’s code review.

Moses the tablets are a coming

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

The tablets are a coming, it looks like there going to be lots of tablets out there this year, en-gadget are reporting lots of tablets, so don’t rush out and buy the ifad (Ipad) there even built on open platforms! Check the link below.