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Quantum computers selling

Monday, May 30th, 2011

The first quantum computer from dwave systems has just been sold, This is akin to the first main frame being sold from IBM. So this could be the start of a new area of computing, But at 10 Million dollars there is a significant barrier to entry!, don’t worry those nice folks at the skunk works have got one, so we should be all safe!

Spend Money by touching your phone off something

Friday, May 20th, 2011

That’s right you can now Spend Money by touching your phone off something! Orange and Barclay-card are now going using NFC or to sound posh in a wine bar Near field communication, Orange is today launching the UK’s first mobile phone contact-less payment service, dubbed Quick Tap, for purchases up to ¬£15. Does it work well you touch the phone of a “pad” and hey presto you spent money….. I can see this working down the pub where the excuse “I forgot my wallet won’t work any more”.


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Skype and Microsoft and Nokia and Navteq

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

So M$ has bought skype and payed 8.5 Million, and I’m behind the news here, but I’m trying to figure out where this is going, Now M$ have done a deal with Nokia and Microsoft have a phone platform that needs a bump up to get in to the phone handset market. I’m thinking here that Microsoft is going to try and put all this together to make an android beating phone. Why not Iphone beater ? (I hear you ask) well the Iphone is premium¬† money, but the Mom and Pop shops and general punters in the real world, aren’t so brand aware they just want a cheap phone that does everything. I think that Microsoft have bought there way in to the market, Now they have to reliase the market, this is where the trouble comes. The game now for the window 7 phone OS is about integration, how do they get Maps, Skype, and a Phone OS all talking to each other and do this in a really smooth way… for example, I want a phone, that will first check that there is WIFI then use Skype to dial out, before it goes near my carriers network, Microsoft will there aqusition should be able to get this done….. The question is will they!

The Irish revinue are scamming us (Not)

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

The Irish revenue have been hit by a scam, details are below. They look for the usual credit card, and personal information, Just don’t give it!… normally the revenue take money in and don’t often give it out in my experience!

link to the site is below.

fraudulent email purporting to come from Revenue seeking personal information from taxpayers in connection with a tax refund. This phishing email is headed “2011/28719266428 REVENUE ” or “E-mail Fogra #2011-27741NIE“. A link opens up a form seeking personal information, including debit/credit card details.

if your looking for scams have a look at