Skype and Microsoft and Nokia and Navteq

So M$ has bought skype and payed 8.5 Million, and I’m behind the news here, but I’m trying to figure out where this is going, Now M$ have done a deal with Nokia and Microsoft have a phone platform that needs a bump up to get in to the phone handset market. I’m thinking here that Microsoft is going to try and put all this together to make an android beating phone. Why not Iphone beater ? (I hear you ask) well the Iphone is premiumĀ  money, but the Mom and Pop shops and general punters in the real world, aren’t so brand aware they just want a cheap phone that does everything. I think that Microsoft have bought there way in to the market, Now they have to reliase the market, this is where the trouble comes. The game now for the window 7 phone OS is about integration, how do they get Maps, Skype, and a Phone OS all talking to each other and do this in a really smooth way… for example, I want a phone, that will first check that there is WIFI then use Skype to dial out, before it goes near my carriers network, Microsoft will there aqusition should be able to get this done….. The question is will they!

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