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social media libel

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Just spotted this one, and could be interesting for the social media, ie the facebookers out there where on newstalk the Minster warns over social libel There could be a few intersting cases come up there on this. So watch what you write facebookers!

EDtech 2010

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Well Thursday and Friday I returned to an old stomping ground of mine, Athlone institute of Technology, where I done my degree in Software engineering, I was there for edtech 2010. It a very different experience going back as a non student, especially as the exams were going on.

so what was at edtech 2010

well its all about tech in education, an there seems to be alot of new developments there.

James Clay gave a very inspiring talk, where he gave a new perspective on education, and the changes that are coming in the way we do business.

so where’s this tech going

  • well Online rooms, in tech speak thats webex,
  • social engineering and education, aka facebook but with education in mind
  • Robert Hickey gave a great presentation on what you can do with mobile phones and brick layers
  • Using smart board, Eimer Kelly gave a great presentation on the use of.
  • What’s coming up in blackboard 9.1, They have finally discovered an API,  wonder how open it will be, it seems moodle is getting the jump on them.

I saw an IPAD from a distance, seems to be nice and shiny, for a low powered and expensive browser. I’m not sure if I could spend the cash.

More info to follow

Facebook, the nerd press are checking out

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

I think that this blog is turning in to a Facebook privacy blog, or should the EFF pay me for making people aware of privacy concerns. Leo Leport is reported to be leaving Facebook, there is also another gaggle of tech people leaving facebook. This is all happening over privacy concerns. So why worry about the tech people leaving, Well the tech people gave it the start, and now they could be giving it the end! Jason Cancans writes about it in his blog The read-write-web also blogs about it.  Some of the privacy issues are listed below with Facebook.

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