Facebook, the nerd press are checking out

I think that this blog is turning in to a Facebook privacy blog, or should the EFF pay me for making people aware of privacy concerns. Leo Leport is reported to be leaving Facebook, there is also another gaggle of tech people leaving facebook. This is all happening over privacy concerns. So why worry about the tech people leaving, Well the tech people gave it the start, and now they could be giving it the end! Jason Cancans writes about it in his blog The read-write-web also blogs about it.  Some of the privacy issues are listed below with Facebook.

Facebook’s Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline

Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

Yet another Facebook privacy risk: emails Facebook sends leak user IP address

A Stunning Infographic on Facebook’s scary privacy evolution

Facebook’s “Posts By Everyone” Feature: Do People Realize They’re
Sharing To The World?

Facebook’s Gone Rogue; It’s Time for an Open Alternative | Epicenter |

Senators Call Out Facebook On ‘Instant Personalization’, Other Privacy Issues

Facebook’s email days: “I’m CEO bith@#$%!”

Facebook’s new features secretly add apps to your profile

The Day Facebook Stole My Page

Facebook is Dying – Social is Not

Facebook’s “Evil Interfaces” | Electronic Frontier Foundation

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