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€500 quid for an IPAD, you must be having a laugh

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

ya see I’ve come up with this computer, its got a screen and a ……. well actually its just a screen. Now I found a way to wrap it in nice shiny plastic and metal, so that it looks really lovely.

It hasn’t got a USB port, you can get a keyboard for it but it has to be a “special” keyboard, because I said so.

Rant is now over, but the IPAD has just been released in Ireland and looking at it it looks to be a let down. It’s €500 quid for just a touch screen, don’t get me wrong its a lovely screen, and the touch interface is cool, but will it be cool in 6 months or a year. It will if the price point is high, but if the price point starts to go lower then things could get interesting.

If you take the tech out of the equation, Steve Jobs is doing what Steve Jobs does best, he makes a device that is very closed off, makes a UI for the device, that is really good so people can use it in one minute and job done. The android Ipad clones are coming and, sure first to market is good, but could it be a good time to wait out the fools rushing in!