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ADSL telcos and exchange line length

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

ADSL telcos all require a phone line and if one ADSL telco is saying no, then you shouldn’t go with any of them as it all comes down the same pipe or copper from your local exchange…. My humble recommendation would be go wireless if any of the ADSL telcos say no. Some parts of towns have better copper and are connected closer to the phone exchange in your area, if you’re wondering why? Then you’re looking at power loss of frequencies down a copper line.

dslreports has done a break down of this here

but if your looking for actual Irish  data here is the best I could find.

here’s is Eircom talking about it below, you can’t really beat physics no matter how hard you try!


or if you want to help map what ADSL is in the area