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ADSL telcos and exchange line length

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

ADSL telcos all require a phone line and if one ADSL telco is saying no, then you shouldn’t go with any of them as it all comes down the same pipe or copper from your local exchange…. My humble recommendation would be go wireless if any of the ADSL telcos say no. Some parts of towns have better copper and are connected closer to the phone exchange in your area, if you’re wondering why? Then you’re looking at power loss of frequencies down a copper line.

dslreports has done a break down of this here

but if your looking for actual Irish  data here is the best I could find.

here’s is Eircom talking about it below, you can’t really beat physics no matter how hard you try!


or if you want to help map what ADSL is in the area

Are Mobile phone companys going to go bust?

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

I ‘ve been thinking for a while about smart phones, and maybe that the smart phone may kill the mobile phone company, how could this be ?….. well if you look at the way “Whats up” the messaging platform has taken off (below)

It seems that people are starting to see that  you can message, and talk to people with out a mobile signal, and just a wifi signal, by using skype and whats up and viper. So where is this going, well if people can message each other with out the need for a mobile network, then why does one need a mobile network? I wonder what will happen when mesh networks start to become more widly avaibale on handsets, This is already starting on the Android platform with projects such as below

The Serval Mesh

There could be interesting times in the mobile networks, as we have near 100% moible phone penetration in some markets.

Open Switches

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Facebook looking in to open switches, people are starting to figure out that, a switch is just a PC with a lot of IO going on, VMware and others are getting in on the act too. It could be interesting times for Cisco and very destructive technology for the networking industry.

Googles Data Centers

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

So if your wondering what is inside Google’s Data centers, please see below. There’s a bit of PR and “saving the world” but it dose give an insite in to a data center.

FYI Cell phones/electromagnetic fields are dangerous

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

A group of 31 scientists from 14 countries working in the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer says that — based on a survey of the literature — those electromagnetic fields are as likely to be potentially carcinogenic as 266 other worrisome substances.

Full details are here

They’ll probably be another survey out next week to say that they are safe!

Can’t get boradband

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Well if you live in a rural area, you know how hard it is to get Broadband, and what worse is that you are stuck with only one provider, so Avanti Communications has put up a satellite that will allow people in the most rural of areas to get broadband. So how does it work Avanti Communications sells satellite broadband services to telecoms companies which use them to supply residential, enterprise and institutional users. Who does it sell to in Ireland, well micromagic is listed for selling satellite broadband in Ireland, and they are a partner of Avanti.

One thing to note is Signal latency, it takes time for the signal to go up and down from earth to space, in case your are investing for a VPN or a Real-time web app.