The regulator for communications in America (FCC) is looking that all phones will have GPS in them.

In America the FCC (the regulator for communications) is looking that all phones will have GPS in them, so that the 999 or 112 emergency call will also send out GPS data also, so that in an emergency The emergency response people can track where you are. While privacy advocats will be up in arms about this, I think this is a good thing for people living in remote areas, but could we do this already, Shouldn’t the phone companies get together with there triangulation data, and add it to there networks so that when a Emergency¬† call is made, the system will pull in the triangulation data, I know that it may be patchy, were you have only one mast receiving the signal, but a lot of areas are now served by two or more masts. So maybe a bit of inovation is required here, hopefully the rest of the world will follow.

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