Clouds and when they go bust or etc.!

So Megaupload users face data deletion according to the BBC ( so we are now in to the “fun” of the start of cloud services going bust, or being stopped operating by litigation. so it looks like you have to keep a copy of your data, before you go on to the cloud, but it also looks like you are going to have to synchronize your data with the clouds copy, that is assuming that you have a interface to that data. The example used could be GMail where users have all there data on google servers but if something happens to google, then your email data maybe gone, you can always set up a client to back up your data, see and connect up evolution or thunderbird to copy your data out of the GMail cloud. It gets more interesting when you can’t get ftp access or no common standard is used for getting data out of the cloud. So there could be fun times ahead for people and companies that have gone too fast to cloud services, the may have to start looking in to how they synchronise there data with the cloud to maintain a local copy of there data.

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