My First Android Phone

I’m after getting my first android phone, its the vodafone smart or its a huawei 858 in real money. So why did I buy it,  well it’s €60 so it’s cheap as chips. So I wouldn’t be an issue if I decided to drop it on a sink or worse. So far it works it dose a job, I’m even using it to write this post. So is android able to run on this phone, well it can stall the odd time so it isn’t the greatest. but it works and the applications work. The GPS works, I’ve had issues with the blue-tooth. The camera is pretty poor, 2 megapixels is not really enough these days and there is no flash. I would almost go back to my Nokia E71 just for the camera alone. I expect all the cool college kids will have one of these phones. The proxy is an issue with wireless, as you cannot define a proxy in the settings, but you may have to root it to get this to work, but I have to have more of a look at it. It can be a buggy cheap phone at times, but at €60 I’m not complaining.




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