you pay penuts you get monkeys

I hate people who complain when they have to pay people to fix a PC from them, expect it done for free or as cheap as possible, Then afterwards, the cheap job it doesn’t work.

When some one plasters a wall or builds a house, u expect them to work for free? …. U got  a cheap job done, so you got problems… well “you pay penuts you get monkeys”, get a professional and expect to spend in the region of €150+, a good IT professional will reinstall and will configure your system so that it will not break again in a hurry.

What should you expect:

  • A detailed breakdown of what he/she is going to do
  • A backup of your data before he/she does anything
  • A format of the hard drive
  • A reinstall of the system (You should expect to present the reinstall disks to them) ……but I lost the disk, a nice new copy of XP or Vista will cost in the region of €100+
  • Get your data back onto your system
  • A print out of when the reinstall was done, using system information on windows
  • Getting the system configured so that you are not an administrator when you are not generally using the system

There’s a few more things to do, but don’t be surprised if it takes he/she more than a day at least, when the rebuild the system from scratch, even better if they have a sys-preped image.


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